Battle Forge Custom 30pt Scenarios

I’m back with more Battle Forge custom scenarios. This time, for 30pt games!

Download 30pt Battle Forge Custom Scenarios Here

Confrontation: A simple 30pt scenario with 2 seizable assets (somewhat similar to terrain objectives) at the center.

Hostilities: Similar to Confrontation but with a caster kill twist.

In typical Battle Forge fashion, players are encouraged to modify the scenarios to suit their army collections, available terrain resources, or desired level of fun.

Scenarios were designed to be able to play on tables of any sizes! 3’ x 3’? 2’ x 2’? Give it a go!

Note: I’m looking for feedback on how the scenarios go, especially on how far the objectives are placed from one another and alternative deployment sizes. Do let me know!


I like the idea of the cache bonus, both as a mechanic and narrative element. I’ll try it out soon. Thanks!

This is awesome! I know the sfg guys were cooking on a 3x3 scenario at one point using a modified Company of Iron scenario, with hints at maybe releasing it for wider usage too