Bastion Halberd Markings

I’ve got a squad of Exemplar Bastions, and I’ve noticed the markings on their halberd blades. Got them next to the Bastion Seneschal, and now I’m wondering what they mean. I Got something purporting to be a Warmachine font pack off Reddit, but it doesn’t match much of the letters on the Bastion’s blade, or the Seneschal’s. It matches some of what’s on Fire of Salvation, but it’s hard to tell which way is “up” for parsing the letters.

Is there a more complete/authoritative alphabet for Protectorate of Menoth somewhere?

Is the writing on the Bastions’ weapons a different alphabet, one that’s older since these are ancient sacred relics?

I can post pictures of the blades, possibly marred by my priming, or my Fire of Salvation, though that one was definitely marred by bad priming.

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At one point in history there was a runic alphabet for the various factions, but I’m not sure where it is now.

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I’ve seen this floating around, but it looks very old as evidenced by the excel window looking almost vista-esque.

I’ve also found what I can only presume is the list of fonts you’ve found?!1862&sc=documents

I wonder if a privateer staffer would be able to find a better reference? Surely they must have something internal to reference


That Excel screenshot is what I found. I didn’t even find that list of TTF files, sorry for my unclear wording. But I didn’t want to post it for fear it was illegitimate or pirated.
But the Bastion markings look less like the “Menoth” column and more like Cygnar or Khador - all right angles. But when you put the letters together, they don’t match anything.

Ah, seems we’ve come across similar things then. There were rumors I’ve heard (forget where, think it might’ve been locals) where certain circle of Orboros runes were actually cygnaran or khadoran to reflect the true origins of the warlocks that were stolen away from civilization by the circle. Having heard menoth citizens can come from many places, I wonder if this is a similar story of collecting influences from other cultures?


Although, the real answer is probably as simple as they were made later on by a different sculptor.

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I am not going to go checking right now, but using the links in the old forum post — grab it fast before they’re gone! — and the Internet Archive, you can probably get the old fonts!

For what it’s worth I’m pretty sure the Bastion Senechal was released after PP stopped strictly using the runes to spell actual words. So it might not mean anything.

Fun fact: for a while they were really careful about doing that, with the result that when we’d get teaser art for new casters you could figure out what spell they were casting and it was a fun little way to speculate on the rest of their kit. But sometime I believe late in Mk2 or early in Mk3 they stopped doing that, possibly so that they wouldn’t have to lock in part of the spell list that far ahead of time.


Darnit, I was hoping for something I could springboard from into my army theme. Oh well, thanks for the history, I’m fairly new, just got in in 2019ish.

Eh, that’s not long before when I started and that’s like half of mk3’s lifetime you lived through! Guess what, you’re a vet now!

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Here’s the Wayback Machine’s archive of the original faction fonts file. This has Khador, Cygnar, Protectorate, and Cryx fonts in it. :slight_smile:

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Also: post from Vigilante 11 years ago, with font info:

The font names that I found (I haven’t researched most to see if they are made in-house, available for license purchasing, or free to use). I just got these names from viewing the fonts from Privateer Press’ posted PDFs.

Cygnar: Amplifier Light
Khador: Satellite Regular
Protectorate of Menoth: Konfactur-One
Cryx: Templar Heavy
Retribution of Scyrah: Nailfont
Mercenaries: Parchment

Trollbloods: Modern Blues. [Must be licensed, $30-$50, copyright of E-lan Ronen.]
Circle Orboros: Scurlock [Free to use from what I see]
Skorne: Kruella
Legion of Everblight: Fandango, Fandango Bold
Minions: Bliphaus

Numbers on stat cards: Bell Gothic Std-Black
Subnames on stat cards: Matrix Bold
Information on back of cards (paragraphs): Calisto MT Bold, Calisto MT Bold Italic
Star Attack: Zapf Dingbats ITC

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