Baranova + Long Shadows + Fury

Is there anything prevent Baranova from gaining fury with long shadows instead of focus? I cannot find one, and also the long shadows rule would overwrite it anyways correct?

If not could Baranova store up fury turn after turn since she doesn’t “drop” fury at the start of her turn, and then use it to cast spells? Since casting spells says either use fury or focus. - Casting spells with fury is not part of fury manipulation rule.

The Spellcaster rules says they can use focus to cast spells, but doesn’t say “only” or limit it to focus in any way.

Baranova’s army kills 3 models with separate arcane attacks, she chooses to gain fury each time. Gaining three fury tokens.

Then on her next turn she would go back up to 7 focus, and still have 3 fury sitting on her as it doesn’t go away. Then she has effectively 10 “resource” to spend on casting spells?

Note transferring/healing and other uses for fury specifically require fury manipulation rule, but casting spells states you can use focus or fury. I don’t believe it requires fury manipulation.


Long Shadows would give the appropriate type of resource based on their types. So a Warcaster gains focus while a Warlock gains fury.


Aside from the fact that you have an Infernal spelling this out, I’ll add:

Nothing in the Warcaster rules – and Baranova is indisputably a warcaster :slight_smile: – say that warcasters can gain or spend fury.

Warmachine rules tell you what your models can do, not (generally) what they can’t do.

In this case, even if Baranova somehow got fury points, she has no possible way to spend them. Spellcaster under Warcaster specifically references focus:

By your logic, you could argue that the rules don’t say you can’t cast any spells by using a sack of beans you brought with you, so you should be able to cast spells using beans.

And I am sure you can’t do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t tell people about the bean loophole! Beans are OP, if everyone starts using them it’ll break the game!