Balloons that lose flight

If a ballon gets hit by an effect that makes it loose flight, how does the propelled rule work with difficult terrain.

Propelled 12.

Say an advance of 11 and 1, would that become 9 and 1 because of minimum or 9 and 0?

An advance of 6, would that become 4 and 4?

Here’s the text of Propelled, from the Sky Bomber:


Here’s the relevant part of the Flight rule:

So, a model that loses Flight no longer treats all non-impassable terrain as open terrain.

It is therefore impacted by Rough Terrain as normal. Which is:

So, a model with Propelled that begins in/enters/would enter rough terrain while advancing will reduce the distance it moves by 2", to a minimum of 1".

So, in your examples:

It would advance 9" the first time, because 11" - 2" is 9". It would advance 1" the second time, because Rough Terrain only reduces the distance moved to a minimum of 1".

Assuming it tried to advance 6" the first time and 6" the second time, yes, that is correct.

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