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Why did PP give Zira a “pistol whip” weapon? I added the ability to display extra weapon profiles on the left side of the card if there are too many stat blocks. This is only for weapon profiles, not model profiles.

Without a melee weapon, she has to forfeit her combat action if the unit charges. Some number of people complained about it on social media early on once these models were released. :slight_smile:

Right, I guess I haven’t encountered that situation yet. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again even though I’m sure you don’t see the issue: the new unit rules are more complicated and less intuitive than they used to be. Yes, they save a bit of time and effort when moving, but it came at a cost.

Anyway, card creator. Found a new bug with the pdf export, gonna need to spend a few hours fixing it. Yay.

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FWIW this is less about the unit changes and more about the change to Gunfighter, she would have had the same problem with Mk3 unit rules without Mk3 Gunfighter allowing charges with ranged weapons.

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Ah, my bad. Kinda would have expected PP to change the rules (add a new rule or add a special case that models without melee weapons that are forced to charge / are in a unit that charges can still make ranged attacks or something), but oh well. I guess PP gave up on cards a while back, so they don’t mind a unit having a dozen stat blocks.