Ask an Infernal Anything

Hi, I’m Travis. I’m one of the Infernals that works with Privateer Press to answer rules questions. I’ve been an Infernal for 9 years (on the 23rd) and a Judge for 10 years (today). I’ve been running events for Privateer Press for about that long as well. I run AdeptiCon, GenCon, Lock & Load (when it runs again), and Warfare Weekend this year. I own everything Privateer Press has produced because I can’t help myself from buying it all. I’ve also done some additional development for Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika and Iron Kingdoms: Requiem.

The intent of this post is to give us an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on things related to being an Infernal, Judge, Convention Event Coordinator, or Player. I’ll try to answer every question that I can (I am restricted on some things due to the existence of contracts and NDAs).

Please feel free to ask me anything not related to rules questions!


Which is your favourite event that you run, and what do you prefer about it?

With the competitive scene in state of great flux and the relative popularity of narrative events will there be a greater narrative focused offering from PP this year at the convention circuit.

What is the average expected wait time to get an official Infernal answer?
Are there any plans to expand the number of Infernals?

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With the arrival of buildings, it seems like Privateer Press is exploring new design spaces within warmachine. Is there a particular innovation or idea you’d like to see explored in the rules going forward?

Can you show us a picture of your Shrine to Privateer Press?

You know the one I mean :wink:

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You said you own all models, but did you paint them all :exploding_head:?

I’m pretty happy with how I’ve run AdeptiCon and Lock & Load. They have the freedom to do awesome things and see a ton of people.

I’m really happy with how my latest narrative events have went.

I know we’re trying to do both equally, but we’re definitely making efforts to have a casual scene exist alongside the competitive.

I don’t actually have a good answer for the wait time. “As long as it takes” seems to be the current answer, but we have initiatives to improve it for all.

I’d like to see different styles of structures/buildings impacting play. I’m really excited about some ideas I can’t talk about yet to make it to the game.


I do!


I currently am running a 24.5% painted ratio with 1820 models painted.


How’d you get into Warmachine?

That just blew my mind!

I bought a snowboard with the Asphyxious black and white artwork from the original Prime. It got me into the characters, then got into the game.