Are the prices for Heavy armor in Borderlands & Beyond accurate?

I feel like each of these 3 items are missing a 0 in their cost.

75 for 17 AC with no disadvantage (even if it is Iosan only lorewise) is a HUGE boon for any heavy armor character. That’s cheaper than Chainmail. 750, the same cost as Half-Plate for the same AC makes perfect sense. The Ellowuyr armor is still a bit better than SRD Half-Plate because it doesn’t impose disadvantage on Stealth.

Dawnguard Plate being 2000 (500 more than full plate) is a bit of a stretch, but it is 2 STR easier to wear than traditional plate, which could be worth the extra.

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I really think that’s a typo. I just looked up the WM unit and am pretty sure that armor is not 10% the cost of half plate. I think you’re absolutely right.

This looks indeed plausible. From looking at the other prices I’d guess the first digit was dropped, and the price should be 175 gp.

It would be 175 gc by the 2d6 rules I think.

OK just discussed this with one of the writers.

House Ellowuyr plate should be 1750gp
Forge Guard plate should be 1650gp
Dawnguard plate should be 2000gp

Also, I personally think Houseguard armor should be 1550, since it’s effectively half plate at half the weight and without Disadvantage on stealth.