Ambush Clarification

I have a question about ambush, theres a word that changed since mk3 and its confusing me, the rules state : “at any of your control phases after THE first turn” before in mk3 it was “after YOUR first turn”

Does it mean that the player going second can ambush on their first turn? If so its a great way to mitigate the nerf to ambush and help the second player, i really hope its not a mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

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From a Feedback email a few months


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Aaw i’m really sad, i don’t understand why ambush got nerfed so much, it would be a good trade off for second player to be able to deploy sooner :frowning:

Since nothing has happened maybe the developers have realized how big advantage it is to go first so have reverted this ruling? At least some advantage for the one going 2nd.


As we can only go by official rules in the rulebook, it is still after the first turn . So if you going second, have fun.

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Good to know. But, until it is fixed in the app…