A loaner army for my FLGS

I’m getting a new Warmachine group started up at my FLGS. In order to make it easier for folks to try the game out, I put together a loaner army for them to play with.

I was really happy with how this organization tray turned out. It’s just an inexpensive picture frame with a bit of sheet steel behind the picture, so the magnetized minis will stick to it.

Displays the loaner army? Check!
Can be used to carry them from the display case to the play area? Check!


A very cool idea. Does it have quick start rules or something to go with it?

My plan is to put an invitation to use it in a picture frame next to it, with QR code links to the FLGS’s Discord server, the App download if I can find those QR codes, stuff like that.

I haven’t looked over the quickstart rules in the app, but there’s something in there!

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Very cool. I like it.

I just have a picture in my head of the Pistol Wraith relaxing on that log before battle now.

This is pretty clever! QR codes are definitely a great idea possibly in a menu or card stand ?

plenty of free ways to generate a QR code from an URL if you google it!

Loaner army number 2; Pirates!
Now folks can show up and throw down, even if none of the experienced players are around for them to play against.

These are at Games of Berkeley, if you’re around and interested in giving the game a try.