50mm casters can't have Attachments in app....intended, or bug?

Noticed in the app that Scyrafael and Ragemonger can’t have their respective attachments…is this intended? I think it’s just a bug in the app since AFAIK Moriarty and other attachments aren’t even considered the same unit as their parent caster, for some reason i cant add her as Ragemonger, and i checked, and Scyrafael can’t either

Dont use the paperclip icon, use the + in the model selection window.

The issue that gupp is describing is that the paperclip method only seems not to function on these casters. “Use the plus button” is a workaround, but there’s definitely a quirk in regards to this behavior in the app.

Tagging @elswickchuck so he can pass this along.

Passed on, do not know if it will be in next update

If not please also submit bug report in the app to help get it noticed too

Thanks for catching this

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