50, 75, 100 point games?

My group has been playing about equal amounts of 50 and 75. Haven’t played any 100 pts yet in mk4. Using the steamroller scenarios for 75 and using the brawlmachine scenarios for 50. 75 feels like a “big” game to me, and we struggle to finish a 75 point game in 45-minutes-a-side, so I don’t feel a ton of impetus to move to 100. Especially not if what I’m adding to get to 100 is just spamming more copies of the same units and jacks. Maybe I’ll feel differently after colossals/unlimited.

I love all the points levels for a variety of reasons. 1stly my personal favorite is 75. It’s the right balance of stuff to time. the games are interesting the list building is interesting but the steamroller packet at present isn’t as supportive of this level due to the scenario element density. Now have done a few of these with objectives removed and it helps reduce the density to let the game play longer. 100 pts these are fun but they are a grind. I have been playing this level more than 75 as upcoming events are at 100 but if it’s game night I’m reaching for 75 over 100 because I want to maximize my play time. Side note 75 also films much quicker

Thanks all for your comments.

I’d love to see more events at lower point levels. TOs, I think you’re going to make your lives a LOT easier by including them in your rotation :slight_smile: .

I do feel like I’ve seen lists & casters that operate better in bigger games, and lists & casters that work better in smaller games. Issyria and Goreshade are good examples of casters that prefer big and small games, respectively.

I could see developing new scenarios for each point level down the line.

I’ve been playing both 50s and 75s. I’d say 50s feel more fun just because they’re shorter and thus much more intense, and because they have less to manage, and that makes it easier to keep track of all the new rules.

Is there a way to build a 50 point list with the Storm Legion box without dropping anything? I’ve tried, but the most I can trim down to is 51…

75 points has been the common game size, both places I’ve been since Mk4. (Silicon Valley, CA and Mobile, AL.)

I am running a 100 pt tourney next month on the 13th and so far that is what I and the locals have been playing.

Are you saying Goreshade prefers smaller? Because of his feat?
As a Goreshade player I assure you I’m far more comfortable with 8 heavies (100pt list) than with 5 (75pt list) and do not want to try going any lower.

Regarding the initial question: I feel like 100pt is where the Legacy players tend to go whereas mk4 Army players would prefer 75. It’s partly in the way the Armies are designed, but also the fact that players don’t own that many copies of their new toys. 100pt with a pair of starter/expansion boxes is a stretch but Legacy players have been “spamming” for a while now so it’s easier for us to have multiple copies of the same unit. Also, mk4 units are not for sale individually yet so doubling up on a unit implies buying 2 big boxes. Not everyone is ready for that yet.

50 points for me. I am a Brawlmachine sucker.

Having played in the Rockytop tourney, as well as the one @Max_Lammon ran earlier this month, I’m beginning to think 75 might be the sweet spot for me personally, at least model-wise. I might dig up some old brawlmachine scenarios for play

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Currently my wife and I are playing 30 point games to embed the rules changes and her new army rules. We will work up to 75 points, but might try 100 eventually.

With how the armies are constructed with less total models 75 feels right to be able to create tight lists with meaningful choices. 100pts you just feel you can take everything in your army so lists get very similar. Maybe with cadres bringing more options 100pts will feel better. Also I think steamroller still isn’t completely mk4 optimized so 100pts might feel better tournament wise right now.

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I truly think a steam roller more balanced for all game sizes is the answer here. I have no idea what that looks like, but I don’t necessarily feel like more releases is the answer here. I have a decent number of options even in legacy, I can just distill it down and take everything I need

Edit: I don’t know for sure what an all sizes steam roller would look like, but I can start speculating. Maybe you remove zones (or make them smaller) at smaller values and make there be denser terrain

I played 50 points for the entirety of mk3, loved that points level, but 50 points in mk4 for me is a “i have played this but now that the rules for models are out i will never play it again” type thing. Sure like Babie’s second warmachine game maybe, but 75 is my jam for now…

100 might also be neat but i havent tried it yet, and it certainly looks like it’d just be “more stuff for the sake of more stuff”

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